Chinese Herbals Gan Mao Ling

Gan Mao Ling is considered by many to be the most effective herbal formula for early stage wind-heat  or mild wind-cold, (cold, flu, or other viral infection) especially when administered when the first signs appear and taken consistently every 2-4 hours. The secret behind Gan Mao Ling’s great success treating both early stage wind-heat or mild wind-cold lies in its use of chief herbs Gang mei gen and San cha ku. Most herbs that tonify Lung and Wei Qi are seen to build a protective wall to ward off invasions, which can inadvertently trap a pathogen that has already invaded the body. In this way, Gang mei gen and San cha ku are similar in action to the western herb Echinacea purpura root, in that they can simultaneously release an external invasion and strengthen the body’s ability to resist attack. Gang mei gen also opens the chest to treat chest congestion, generates fluids and alleviates thirst. San cha ku also dispels wind-damp-heat that may cause minor inflammation. Ban lan gen and Jin yin hua strengthen the chief herbs’ ability to strongly expel toxic heat, particularly from the head, throat and eyes. Ye ju hua and Huang jing zhi/ye clear wind-heat and guide the formula to the face, particularly to the sinuses, nose, throat and eyes. Jin yin hua, Ban lan gen and Ye ju hua combine to treat occasional sore throat and slight headache. Jin yin hua and Ye ju hua are also able to release wind-heat and toxic heat from the skin. (Borrowed from Plum Flower website product description)