Mini Immunity Kit

Combo Price $49
(Retails separately for $70)
The Products and How They Work:
⦁ Metagenics’ Vitamin D3, 5000mg: Take one gel cap daily, best taken with dietary fat.
Or Live Wise D3-K2: Take 1-2 drops with a meal containing fat.
Vitamin D3 is critical to the health and has been well studied as it relates to all causes of mortality, even the virus that has upended our world in 2020 and beyond. Check out this huge study (365,000 people, 10 years) published in June of 2020. Here is an excellent overview (dated July 16,2020):

⦁ Metagenics Zinc A.G. – Take 1 tablet 1 to 2X daily, depending on potential viral exposure and health status. Contains a special compound to improve absorption. Zinc has been shown to stop viral cell replication.

⦁ Quercetin, 300mg – Take 1-2 per day. It is known to boost immunity and fight inflammation, as well as maintain general health. It is a big contributor of antioxidants via diet for those who consume primarily fruits, grains, and vegetables. It is also an ionophore, which means it ushers zinc into cells to protect them from the virus!

⦁ NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) 600mg –Take 1-3 per day, depending on your health. NAC. has been studied and used to break up mucus in the lungs as well as to create a high amount of antioxidants to help keep blood vessel walls healthy. These abilities are highly desirable preventatives against the virus we all don’t want to catch.