Reversing Alzheimer’s: When Love Inspires Recovery

Can You Prevent Or Heal Alzheimers?

By Heather Caldwell and Deb Martin, Holistic Health Educators

There is no love like the bond between family. But what happens when we begin forgetting who our family is? Becoming cognitively impaired due to a disease like Alzheimer’s threatens millions of Americans, and the amount of grief, anger, and sadness that accompanies these diseases is incalculable. We all deserve to live long and healthy lives, and here at the Lotus Blossom Clinic, our toolkit is Lifestyle Medicine.  

What is Lifestyle Medicine?  It is a Functional Medicine approach including blood and other tests that provide quantifiable results which lead to treatment plans involving food and supplements, acupuncture, meditation, exercise, yoga, Thai Chi and QiGong and other health-promoting activities. Never underestimate the health-promoting value of feeling good as a result of a massage or energy treatment session such as Reiki!  That feeling is called reactivating your nervous system’s calm state, where rest and recovery help repair our bodies.  


Our Acupuncture Physician, Dr. David says: “The best way to not get cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s is don’t get it in the first place!”  Yes, it is possible to determine in advance what life experiences and lifestyle choices may lead you—specifically you—to experience Cognitive Decline of any level.

We believe that everyone can improve their cognitive health so that they can enjoy the love of their family as long as possible. That’s why we are introducing an extensive support program here at the clinic to reverse cognitive decline based on Dr. Bredesen’s astounding research. Dr. Bredesen has narrowed down 8 contributors to Alzheimer’s Disease, that when addressed, have been proven to RESTORE cognitive health! 

The people benefitting from his program are experiencing healthier lives than ever before! 

Kristin: The First Survivor of Alzheimer’s

Kristen, Patient Zero of Dr. Bredesen’s Alzheimer’s protocol, is a shining testimony of good health, but it wasn’t always that way. During her adult life, she lived a lifestyle that most would praise, being an overachiever as a consultant in New York. She was a mother, a wife, and a workaholic, travelling to dangerous countries in order to provide solutions to complex problems. She was championed in her work, but this also caused her to get minimal sleep, eat whatever was available, become exposed to toxic molds, and create a habit of ignoring her own health. 

She began having bouts of brain fog in her 40’s, and eventually experienced such extreme decline that she could no longer read, remember the names of her grandchildren, process numbers, or contribute to her profession any longer. Her son, who was used to seeing his mother as a dynamo businesswoman and loving grandmother was noticing she couldn’t even remember the names of her own grandchildren anymore.   

After taking care of her own mother with dementia, she vowed to never allow another to take on the same responsibility for her, and needless to say, she became hopeless. In her own heartbreaking words, “I know that I am on that slippery slope into Alzheimer’s, and I am terrified… I can’t deny it any longer. I feel lost…My brain is slipping away.”

Her despair reached such severity that eventually she reached out to a friend to let them know she was considering ending her own life. Luckily this friend had heard about Dr. Bredesen’s groundbreaking research, and she flew to his office to delineate a plan that would attack the problem from multiple angles. 

Over time, amazing progress was made. Her love for herself and her family inspired her to follow the protocol as closely as humanly possible. Improving her sleep was the first indicator that she could reverse decline. While it did take her quite some time to work up to 7 hours of sleep each night, she was able to reverse her brain fog. She saw even more improvement when she began addressing internal mold poisoning, changing her diet, prioritizing dental hygiene, and reducing common exposure to toxins. 

Her mental clarity has led to a renewed life. She is now practicing and teaching yoga, contributing to society as a professor, and engages in a meaningful and productive life. At 77, her arthritis is gone, her flexibility is better than those half her age, and her son isn’t worried about losing his mother to Alzheimer’s anymore. 

Even Kristin will say that her progress took time, and was not without setbacks. We’re all human after all. But in her desperation to save her life, she followed Dr. Bredesen’s protocol as closely as possible and truly changed her life. 


Imagine not only being able to remember your grandchildren’s names, but also to be able to run and keep up with their energy well into old age! Kristen’s story demonstrates how following Dr. Bredesen’s protocol not only helps to prevent, stop and/or reverse Alzheimer’s, but it also can restore overall health like never before! 

If you’re interested in finding out more about the support we provide at the clinic, please call 239-277-1399 to schedule an appointment! And feel free to visit our website for more info.  

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Can You Prevent Or Heal Alzheimer’s?



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