Risks with Statin Drugs

The Following is an article that everyone on a Statin drug should read. Please check it out. Of course the article only warns of high doses because that is where the highly visible effects are. It makes you wonder if the lower doses are doing the same thing only in less visible ways.

FDA Warns Against Use of High-Dose Simvastatin

By Todd Neale, Senior Staff Writer, MedPage Today
Published: June 08, 2011
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The highest approved dose of simvastatin — 80 mg — should be used only in those patients who have already been taking it for at least 12 months without signs of myopathy, the FDA announced Wednesday.

The 80-mg dose should not be used in new patients or those taking lower doses of the drug who need to lower their cholesterol further, the agency said in a safety alert, which outlined label changes and dose limitations for the drug.

“The risk of muscle injury with statins has not received adequate regulatory attention in the past,” said Curt Furberg, MD, PhD, a pharmacologist at Wake Forest University. “Thus, this action by the FDA is long overdue.”




By David Martin Acupuncture Physician serving Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Naples