Rx for Healing: The “Do Nothing” Day

Rx for Healing: The “Do Nothing” Day


Eating a healthy diet, getting sleep, massage, acupuncture, meditating regularly; these are all ways to keep you going and prevent overload from happening; but it does happen. In today’s society, though, even the most holistic person can experience burn out, chronic fatigue, dissatisfaction with life and mental exhaustion.

The bottom line is that we live in a culture of human doing. We are constantly inundated with information and technology. Expectations at work are high, and the technology that brings us closer to loved ones can easily turn into a tool to tether us to work and family dramas we would have just hung up on years ago. We race from place to place, pausing only to fire back an email or text from our smart phones before racing off to another activity. It’s a not-so-merry-go-round that is almost impossible to leap off–until you do.

Introducing… “Do Nothing Day”

Unlike the exhaust-laden forced “mental health day” of yesteryear or a bout with illness caused by a weakened immune system, “The Do Nothing Day” is a planned event. Much like a vacation, it’s fixed on your calendar,. It’s guarded as if it would cost thousands should you need to move it, because it may cost thousands in medical bills if this sacred day is not revered.–But, my overachieving cohorts, there is a catch. Unlike a busy vacation that is scheduled to the minute, your “Do Nothing Day” is all about you being in the moment. That’s right. No planning errands, doctor’s appointments or the like. In fact, there’s no planning at all except: wake up when you want, turn off your cell phone if possible, and just do what you want when you want or embrace cell phone-less sloth. Do Nothing is really more “do what puts a smile on your face” as long as you are savoring each second and keeping it legal. “Savoring” being the key word because it implies slowing

Embracing the Nothing. Moving from a space of trying to do everything to doing nothing is awkward at best, down right difficult at worst. Silly as it may sound, you might even want to give up on your do nothing day because of it, and that’s part of the mental “shift” that must occur. I remember the very first time that I didn’t have my children for a few hours; I had no idea what I wanted to do. None whatsoever. It was an almost overwhelming feeling of “I should be doing something else” with each recreational activity I tried. With time and practice, though, I learned to cultivate new interests and even schedule some “Do Nothing” time each week so that I can stay charged-up and healthy. If I can do it, so can you, and your entire Lotus Blossom Clinic team is here to help! So please feel free to call us at: 239-277-1399 or email us with questions!

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By Dr. David Martin, Fort Myers Acupuncturist.