Self Care & Kindness During Changing Times

By Kandy Love, Ph.D., Iyengar Yoga Instructor, Yoga Therapist, Energy & Emotional Healer, LMT (MA9704)

Change is often not easy nor wanted. Yet here we all are…changing…even rising to the occasion, and even more so adapting. Time actually becomes our friend as we adapt to different external expectations and rhythms, if we let it be.

What I have felt and witnessed during this COVID separation time for the people of this planet is a forced change into our innate ability of adaptability. Each of us has a list of ways we have adapted since March and even longer…from staying at home and doing spring cleaning, to not going to a work location and going online to complete it, having children home and spending more time with them, not going to stores and shopping online, to few hugs and reaching out via phone, online or lots of waving and elbow bumping. The list goes on.

Now as we continue social distancing and yet start to step back out, we can use some reminders about the next level of adapting…for the emotional body.

1. Be sure to breathe in a way that does not create any other “rattling ripples” in an already disturbed environment. Silky smooth aware breathing is the key to ease.

2. Make no assumptions about what to do for yourself and your family. Investigate what works and what does not work for you, while respecting others. We are all in the same storm, but we are not riding in the same boat. Choice matters.

3. Do not take anything for granted. Be grateful for what you do have.

4. You are not alone. Every person is part of some community where family, friends, neighbors, and even service people. And everything has a role to play. Reach out for help, acknowledgement, comfort. Being dependent is more than just okay right now.

5. The gloom/doom need not be the focus. Turn off the outside constant chatter which often rattles our insides. Laugh with yourself…because you can…at least three times a day. Look at the horizon at least once a day. Come into the “now moment” of your own life.

6. Do NOT remain stationary. Movement changes breathing, changes chemistry, changes moods and thinking. Lift your arms overhead. This lifts your heart and lungs, which lifts your spirit.

7. Love More. In every way, toward others, and toward yourself. Be creative with your expression of love…for then acceptance comes more naturally, just like the easy breath.