See this dog?  That’s how HAPPY I am to be relieved of my pain.  And it took only one acupuncture treatment!

– Mary

“Dear Dr. David – I’d like to thank you so much for your excellent acupuncture treatment. When I walked out of your office last week, I immediately was able to move my arm without pain. Also, my legs got better on the next day”

– Christine G.

“I have found more healing and symptom reduction with the help of Lotus Blossom clinic the past 3 months than I ever have in many years in the top western medical healthcare systems to manage the condition, adrenal insufficiency. If you’re at a loss with your health, the team at Lotus Blossom clinic is a good place to find alternative options that lead to a better quality of life. I’m slowly getting my life back thanks to acupuncture!”

– Winslow D


“Wow. I had the most amazing acupuncture session (my first time!) @lotusblossomclinic 🌸🌸🌸I had been dealing with some hip pain / discomfort / misalignment when bending that had been bothering me for years ever since my son’s birth in 2018. I stored a lotta trauma in those hips of mine and that acupuncture session released it all in 20 minutes. It was unbelievable. And I can bend over and touch my toes – no problem!!! Those 20 minutes alone with needles in my skin were filled with anxiety, panic, sweating, tears, dizziness, prayers, relief. And the words “I won’t let worry win” kept popping in my head. My new motto. We are such powerful beings. Release the pain. Move forward. Let go of the fears. Love yourself and others. Don’t let worry win. 💕💕💕”

– Maari S.

“I was TTC for 11 months with no success, I truly believe acupuncture can help with everything even with fertility, so I decided to try fertility acupuncture and some herbal Chinese medicine that doctor gives with the fertility program, I got a package with 10 sessions, I didn’t finish them because I got my POSITIVE a month and a half after I start this fertility treatment. I’m extremely grateful for this place, for the doctor and for acupuncture. I totally recommend this place.”

– Vanesa S.


“After my Live Blood Education session with Dr. David: I measured my water intake. I thought I drank about that much per day, but I guess I wasn’t. So far it seems to do wonders for my digestion. I thoroughly enjoyed the time at Dr. David’s office. It was fascinating to see my blood. I appreciate the time that he took to explain things and to listen to me.”

– Live Blood Patient – Ft. Myers


“Today was my first treatment with Dr. Martin. Not only did he take the time to go over what my concerns were and make recommendations, he was also very gentle and explained every part of the process. Skeptical going in….absolutely sold on the process and its benefits after 1 treatment.Looking forward to the next step in the healing process. Thank you Dr. Martin!”

– Glynis D.


“I just want to thank you I just got a clean bill of health from my vascular doctor he said I’m his healthiest patient he has seen in the last 2 years he said that he could fill my heart beat in my right foot today that’s the first time in about 6 years thank you for helping me with my diet!

– Heather


“I was in agony when I walked in to see Dr. David, and at the end of the treatment I was PAIN FREE!! I was amazed at that level of result in a first treatment, especially since I had been told that surgery was my only hope.”

– Carol Q.


“Thank you Dr Martin, for being a compassionate and gifted healer. thank you for sharing your gifts with the world to help us be healthier– mind, body and soul.”

– Sabina S.


“I have suffered with chronic migraines for more than 40 years. I have tried more drugs and procedures than I can remember, but with little, consistent relief. – Then I met Dr. David Martin. Dr. Dave took time to listen carefully to what I had to say about my health issues, and respected my concern about being stuck with needles yet again. He was interested in my total wellbeing.- Though I had had various neurological tests and treatments requiring needles, the acupuncture treatments were practically painless. And the pain relief I received was superior. There was a significant difference with how I felt all over after my first treatment! -In addition, though numerous herbal supplements had also been prescribed by other professionals, those that Dr. Dave gave me really made a difference…and I could tell when I forget them, they helped so much. – I would greatly encourage anyone with health concerns to see Dr. Dave FIRST. I have worked in traditional medical offices as well as with doctors of chiropractic and cold laser. None of the treatments I received from those branches of healthcare were as effective and long lasting as the acupuncture treatments I received from Dr. Dave.”

– Joyce MP


“When I went to see David Martin A.P. I was in a lot of back pain. I could not walk right or climb a flight of stairs. I had been to my chiropractor many times and had different treatments done that resulted in no relief. I was introduced to David Martin through a work associate. She and her husband had great results with his acupuncture. I decided to try the acupuncture myself since nothing else was giving me relief. After one treatment my back pain was gone and now I can walk and climb a flight of stairs with no pain. I would recommend this treatment and David Martin A.P. for anyone that has pain.”

– Brenda B.


Thanks to your caring treatment, my LBP is almost non-existent & the 2 hour flight was a breeze. Maybe I’d better buy for a cheap T-shirt from Charlotte to thank you. I am taking it easy & will be icing my back. Now I am going to have a hard time using my back as an excuse for missing a day-long volleyball tournament.”

– Wade B.

I love vickie, she is amazing and changed my life in so many ways. She does not do what she does for profit, she truly cares about you and your journey for better health. She’s not only my nutritionist, I consider her a great friend.”

– Michelle G.