The end of Antibiotics Grows Near as Drug-Resistant Gene with Epidemic Potential is Found in Animals, Meats, and Humans.     This is the title on Dr. Mercola’s health-science news email today, December 2, 2015.  And his lead statement, issuing dire warnings, was from the head of the World Health Organization.

Professor Timothy Walsh of the University of Cardiff, who co-authored a study done in China from 2011 – 2014, drove home the severity of the situation in a statement to the BBC regarding a newly-discovered bacteria called MCR-1:


“All the key players are now in place to make the post-antibiotic world a reality.


If MCR-1 becomes global, which is a case of when not if, and the gene aligns itself with other antibiotic resistance genes, which is inevitable, then we will have very likely reached the start of the post-antibiotic era. 


At that point if a patient is seriously ill, say with E. coli, then there is virtually nothing you can do.”


Already, multi-drug-resistant typhoid, tuberculosis, and gonorrhea kill hundreds of thousands of people each year, and the study projects 317,000 people could die in North America alone in the year 2050.


Considering these dire predictions of humanity on the verge of no effective antibiotics, it is high time that we pay attention to time-tested and scientifically-validated foods, essential oils and herbs that can help our immune systems knock out the bad bacteria and viruses.


Here is our list of powerful natural aids to help you stay healthy:


  1. WHEAT, Pesticides/Fungicides & GMO’d Foods:   The nature of wheat has been scientifically proven to be harmful to our guts, and therefore to our immune systems.   For more info on this topic, see “The Dark Side of Wheat”, a meta-analysis of many research studies.


GMO’s, often with chemicals built right inside, and toxic chemicals sprayed on foods are harmful to humans.   And of course, most pre-packaged food with rancid and toxic oils, preservatives, lower our immune systems.


  1. SUGAR: You know that most sugar isn’t just sugar anymore.  Stay away from the man-made versions of it.   Yes, even too much natural, organic sugar can impair your immune system, although not as badly.   If you have a cold, eating Kiwi fruit will give you a good dose of Vitamin C.  Eating a local, organic honey can help kill bacteria.  Manuka Honey from New Zealand has been shown to be 95% effective against MRSA infections, for which Western drugs offer little or no help.


  1. COLD CUTS AND NITRATES: Last month the World Health Organization issued a pronouncement that these foods are cancer-causers.  What is cancer?  It’s a disease of the immune system not being able to keep up with the mutant cells in the body.


  1. NON-ORGANIC MEATS:    Confined Animal Feeding Operations (large outfits)  raise everything from cows to fish for public consumption.  As part of their process, it is standard to feed the animals and fish antibiotics and GMO grains.  We always tell our people that if they are limited in budget, make SURE to get organic meat and fish.  Nevermind that 70% of commercial chicken exceed the FDA’s safety limits for arsenic.  Huh?


  1. COMMERCIAL DAIRY: Similar to the meats, there are just too many antibiotics in the milk.  Add to that the fact that most dairy cows are kept pregnant, leading to HIGH levels of estrogen in their milk.   Better to eat Goat dairy.  More about that in the “Good to Eat” section below.


  1. PEANUTS AND AFLATOXIN FUNGUS: Who knew?  Peanuts, a legume and not really a nut, are prone to have a toxic fungus on them.   Organic peanuts can be even worse.   We eat almond butter most often, although there are many good nut butters out there.


  1. BANANAS: Yes, our time-honored, grab-n-go fruit is well-known in Chinese Medicine to be a “damp” food, causing fungus and slowing down natural immunity.   Bananas have very high levels of sugar.    We tell people to eat them after they’ve run a 10K race.  If they’ve done something like that, they’ve earned the right to some extra sugar.






  1. COCONUT OIL – Melt those viruses! Coconut oil has been shown in studies to literally melt the membranes of some viruses.  It can do that because it has rare and tiny fat molecules.   In fact, Coconut oil has a more impressive spread (more types of oils) than any food we know about.


  1. PROBIOTIC FOODS – bacteriotherapy for Happy Intestines. The experts say that between 70-80% of our immune function/strength comes from our guts.  Therefore, happy intestines will give you that edge you need.  Consume some of these every day, and do not stay “loyal” to any one source—you want a large VARIETY of microbes in your gut:


  • Fermented Foods
  • Goat Dairy – with Nature’s smallest anti-microbial acids. Smaller means it can “go” more places and “do” more actions.
  • Good Belly or other drinkable probiotics
  • High-quality probiotic capsules.  (We carry highly-effective Metagenics capsules)


  1. MANUKA HONEY & PROPOLIS – Manuka Honey kills the deadly MRSA and other bacteria with great proficiency in New Zealand and Australian hospitals.  Great for burn healing too.   Those in the “know” in America honor and use its powerful medicine.  Propolis is bee resin rich in apigenin and caffeic acid which are powerful broad-spectrum antimicrobial agents which aid in immune response.


  1. MEDICINAL MUSHROOMS & AHCC – Shiitake and Miatake, Reishi (and other mushrooms) marshal up the white blood cell army for battle.


AHCC is a supplement made of fermented Shiitake Mushrooms.  Although it’s somewhat expensive (but almost nothing compared to the $700/month I hear some people pay for certain “life-saving” drugs), it is used in over 700 cancer treatment clinics and hospitals in Japan.  It has been shown to boost Natural Killer Cells from 300-800% and increases the number of T Cells up to 200%.  Now that’s giving your immune system a real army!  Useful for many immune conditions from Lupus to Allergies to Cancer and more.


  1. GARLIC – Allicin, a primary phytochemical found in garlic, is a powerful antimicrobial aldehyde. Garlic is also the Antibacterial Master of Sulfur, and there are 16 variations of sulfur in garlic, providing many options for slaying the bad guys.  It aids in detoxing your boty via the removal of dead viruses from the body (boosts glutathione function in your liver).


The tiny-sized sulfur phytochemicals called Polysulfides are evaporative, meaning they are gone within hours of cutting the clove.   Therefore, they are BEST raw.  But how to “take” them?  Here are a couple of ideas if you can’t munch a few raw cloves down by themselves:

  • Make a compress of thinly-sliced cloves and put them on your feet overnight. Be sure to coat your foot with olive oil first so the garlic doesn’t burn your feet!
  • Make a 9-Clove Garlic Pesto Basil and put it on some bean pasta. It’s off-the-charts delicious!  Come to our Food Healing Class for the recipe.


  1. ONIONS – The Onion story is very similar to Garlic’s. This is a Sulfur Powerhouse with the smallest sulfur molecule in food.  Eat them raw too.  Try this recipe for an Onion Smoothie (and take 2 TB of medicine every hour):


  • 1 onion, 6 oz. water, add some honey at the end of the blending. And it’s a bonus that Onions are also anti-thrombotic (breaking up blood clots) and can raise your good cholesterol (HDL) by 30% in 3 months.


  1. GINGER ROOT – perhaps best known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-pain effects, Ginger is also in our Cancer protocol and has anti-nausea effects from Zingerone, is a tiny molecule created from HEATED Gingerole, which is a primary phytochemical in the plant.


  1. MINT – Keep your airways open with loads of fresh mint which is filled with Menthol and Rosmarinic Acid.


  1. CHOCOLATE & CLOVE – Yes, chocolate can help your immune system, but not the candy kind. Must be raw.  We use and carry Xocai Healthy Chocolate.   Raw Chocolate is the highest antioxidant food and Clove is the highest antioxidant powerhouse of the spice family, which is many times higher than those found in food.  What’s a sore throat?  It’s a free-radical party.  Antioxidants will dowse that flame!


  1. CURCUMIN (FROM TURMERIC) –  Curcumin is 5-10% of turmeric.  It is one of the two highest anti-inflammatory products we carry at Lotus Blossom Clinic.   Known as being one of the most effective, anti-cancerous herbs, it is an immune booster with actions similar to mushrooms.





Essential oils distill and concentrate active agents from plants.  They are absorbable thru the skin and many can also be taken internally.  We carry a high-grade line at our clinic called doTERRA, and our current favorites in our immune system line are:


  • Oregano Oil – a natural antibiotic. Use very little, use with caution and take probiotics a couple of hours later.  Oregano has dozens of pathways to kill microbes, making antibiotics look far less intelligent.
  • Melaleuca – rub this Antimicrobial on the back of your neck and bottoms of your feet. You can also put it in hot water or a vaporizer and breathe it into your lungs.
  • Breathe – We had recent experience with this product and were amazed at how quickly it stopped a chest cold!


And don’t forget Gan Mao Ling and Yin Chiao…our standard favorite, easy-to-use and inexpensive Chinese Herbal immune system helpers and virus fighters!  We think everyone should have these power houses in their medicine cabinets and purses!



See Dr. Mercola’s full article “The End of Antibiotics is Near



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