By:  Deb Martin, Holistic Health Educator

August, 2015

Wayne Dyer, a well-established self-help and personal growth guru, recently said to a crowd of 3,000 people: “You can change your consciousness by changing your food.”  Our brains become clearer and our bodies function best when we eat foods our body is capable of using for fuel, and there’s a lot out there these days that we cannot process.   In Wayne’s own experience, very debilitating conditions can reverse with food changes.    For example, his wife had Grand Mal epileptic seizures until his friend, Dr. David Perlmutter, suggested she stop eating wheat.  (Dr. Perlmutter, a local SW Floridian, wrote the book “Wheat Belly”.)



Although by now almost everyone is familiar with the term “gluten free”, many people still DON’T GET IT!    They think wheat is a good food for the majority of people, and that those of us in natural health are overreacting to suggest otherwise.    Well, I know people—maybe you—with inflammation and pain issues which  have taken joy from their lives, friends and patients with debilitating auto-Immune conditions such as MS, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Intestinal illnesses.  I have loved ones suffering from cancer and heart disease.  Statistics show how common these diseases are, so I bet your world is touched by these people too.



Sure.  But it will harm you on some levels you may not recognize.  The bottom line on wheat consumption, in my opinion, is this:  There is a scale of Really-Bad–to-Somewhat-Better regarding our sources of bread and the gluten from wheat which seems to be hidden in many products, even ketchup and makeup.    My wife and I intentionally exclude wheat from our diet.  BUT, if you want to consume it, here is one way to look at your options.  I offer this as an educational resource, my opinion only, to help you make an informed choice.


1.      GMO’d Wheat Products – contain poison both inside and out from RoundUp (the poison is called Glyphosate) which chelates vitamins and minerals.  This means the humans who consume wheat do not acquire critical nutrients and building blocks required for many aspects supporting health, thus creating conditions for diseases.    Some vitamins and minerals are actually no longer available to the bodies of those who consume GMO wheat and other GMO foods which contain glyphosate.  Here  is a list of a few of the critical nutrients we no longer receive from commercially-grown, GMO foods:


a.      Vitamin D – related to everything from cancer to obesity to heart disease.

b.      Vitamin B-12 – Depression and energy are two impacts of not enough B-12.   Those are certainly quality of life issues.

c.       Iron – who needs good blood anyway?   !!!!!

d.      Zinc – essential for urinary and prostate health, to mention a couple of things.

e.      Magnesium – essential for dozens of processes in the body.   Our muscles require it and our exercise recovery time demands it.

f.        Selenium – needed for proper thyroid functioning.  Unfortunately, in addition to not obtaining selenium via GMO’d wheat, bromide is used in most bakeries these days instead of iodine.  Bromide hijacks the same receptors in the thyroid as iodine would use.  Let’s talk about that tummy that won’t go away—one effect that causes many to suffer.


These are a FEW of the nutrients no longer available to your body when you consume wheat, corn, soy, and sugar and various fruits and veggies which have been Genetically Modified to contain glyphosate.   This process creates “new” inflammatory proteins which we cannot digest.  They get stored in fat as the body tries to defend its organs.    And wheat—especially with glyphosate– is toxic and has direct, scientifically-verified links to any and every gut/intestinal issue.   The gut is related to everything else, and it is the main source of our immunity and intake of nutrition to fuel our bodies’ processes.


Speaking of the Gut, the makers of our GMO foods (and RoundUp…and Agent Orange, soon to be in our food chain too) claim that the only harm done is to plants.     Well….duh….what about all the positive bacteria, e.g. “plants” that live in our guts?    Glyphosate kills off two of our main “Good Guys” Lactobaccillus and Bifidobacterium.  This leads to an overgrowth of yeast and bad bacteria and the  subsequent serious weakening of the human immune system which leads to a vast array of chronic conditions/illnesses.


2.      Organic Wheat =  It doesn’t contain Glyphosate and hopefully hasn’t been sprayed with it either.   It is only perhaps 40% as bad as today’s GMO’d wheat….that’s a rough guess on my part.  Wheat is still an addictive food with an intense gluten protein called gliadin which the body cannot fully break down.  Natural wheat also contains a harmful enzyme called Lectin, which acts to fend off predators of this otherwise-defenseless grain and is the reason no other mammal consumes it.  It makes them sick quicker than us.   (See last month’s article on Lectin, “Are You Addicted to This Poison?” .  Lectin is Toxic to humans in many ways, and it has been documented to contribute/lead to to over 120 human diseases.


3.      Gluten Free, e.g. non-wheat = better than choices 1 and 2 above.  Still could have pesticides and unhealthy oils.


4.      Gluten Free & Organic:  The best choice for breads and otherwise wheat-containing products.   One good bread we’ve found is a Millet Chia bread made by Sammy’s Bakery in Tampa.  You’ll find it at most-if-not-all healthier food stores.  I won’t be surprised if you find it—or a knock-off– in major grocery stores soon.   Where there is demand, the market will respond.


5.      No Grains:     Paleo Diet people and Dr. David Perlmutter (author of “Wheat Belly” and “Grain Brain”) would recommend no grains at all.



The video below showcases a well-informed, even-keeled, world-level food activist interviewing a brilliant scientist.  Excellent descriptions of the deleterious effects of GMO’s on human health, and particularly the effects of Glyphosate in today’s commercial (GMO) wheat.  Effects include all manner of gut-related diseases (Celiac, Irritable Bowel, Crohn’s Disease), Autism, Autoimmune Conditions, and Heart Disease, just to mention a few.   Turn up the volume and do some chores while watching/listening to this video, you’ll be blown away by all the damage caused by wheat!



Call us if you want to take wheat (or other things) off your plate, but you are unsure what to put back ON your plate.   We consult with people every week and help them get onto a path of better health in ways that suit their lifestyles.   Ask to speak with Vickie Gelardi or Deb Martin when you call in.  Attend one of our Fun Food Healing classes.   Call us at 239-277-1399.



Want to Live Long and Prosper?   Drop the wheat (and GMO foods).  Eat more nutritious foods.  Watch your health improve over the weeks and months as your body heals from all the damage.  We will celebrate your new-found health with you!


To Your Best Health,

Dr. David and Deb Martin

(239) 277-1399