Toxic Lipstick – A Few Tips

Hot Tips for Health:
1. Check this link for the toxicity of a particular lipstick: Click here for the FDA list. The lower the levels the better for your health!
2. Wipe off your lipstick BEFORE eating or drinking. Reapply afterwards. (Avoid actually ingesting it.)
3. Check out a home-grown manufacturer: Nature’s Earth Cosmetics (based in SW Florida)

Is YOUR Lipstick TOXIC?
(…or the lipstick of a Loved Woman in your life?)

It’s in the News
A recent FDA study shows that over 400 of the top lipsticks contain lead. Some contain lead in trace amounts, but others contain a significant amount. The FDA has taken the stance that this is safe and nothing has to be done about it. Hmmm….well consider that the amount of lead in lipstick is much more than is allowed in candy. Yes, there’s lead in candy too…how do you think they get those bright colors?? Lead is a colorful mineral. Remember lead paint? It was banned in 1978 as a major health risk. It can especially effect the brain development of children, lowering their IQ and more. If you are pregnant, your child is consuming any lead that enters your body, and a fetus has NO defense against this toxin. And lead is a toxin that builds up in the body’s system, making the person more toxic over time.

It is my opinion that as this poison builds up in people, it can affect them in numerous undocumented ways. I do NOT agree with the FDA. I think this IS a problem.

What’s to be Done About It?
The shame is that this problem is so easily solved. Manufacturers could be required to publish information about the content of their products. They don’t because they don’t have to. If the law required it, you could make better informed choices. For now, you can check the link (see Hot Tip #1 above) and make your choices. It’s not just by manufacturer, it’s by specific color of lipstick, although Maybelline and L’Oreal have the top two toxic colors on the chart.

Staying Ahead of the Curve
In Traditional Chinese Medicine (used by 25% of the world’s population as their primary care medicine), we believe the best way to treat a patient is to prevent problems in the first place, rather than solving them after injury or illness occurs. We encourage you to come in for Wellness Visits every 3 months for a checkup and a great opportunity to talk to the doctor about you and your well being. Identify issues before they become a problem. It will do your body, mind and emotions good! It’s been well proven: It takes less effort and expense to manage your life, health, or business when you do it intentionally rather than in crisis mode. Give us a call today, mention this email, and be one of the first 5 callers. You’ll receive a 30% discount off your Wellness Visit!

Best of Health to you & yours!

David Martin
Doctor of Oriental Medicine
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