We have heard just about every excuse as to why you can’t take a vacation.  Time and money seem to be the biggest excuses/reasons, so we have some solutions for you (and some guidelines!)

No Time Like the Present.

Just how long does a vacation need to be for you to experience the benefits?  Some would say a week, 10-days, or even more. The reality is that regular vacationing, even weekend getaways can make a significant difference in your quality of life.  So, if you can’t scoot away for a week in Europe, the Caymans, or your closest beach, try for short weekend or day trips.

Making it Great While Managing the Moula.

Rachel Ray used to do this great show where she managed to eat like a Queen under $40 a day while on vacation. The biggest secret she shared was chatting up locals.  And I have one more for you if your budget is really tight: Stay local.  Does a friend have a vacant rental that you can use for a couple of days?  Can you go camping (usually $20 or less a night and you get to bring your own food)?  How about visiting your local farmers market with your significant other or a close friend and sharing a picnic under a shady tree instead of an expensive, less personal lunch?

Take a Hike:  Try some of these Getaway Ideas:

1) Once upon a time throwing a dart at a map was a whimsical vacation planning tool.  Nowadays you can do the same thing with google and a mouse click.  Start by finding out what locations near you are less than 6-hours by car…and then do some research!  That’s often half the fun…start your vacation in your mind!
2) Head to the nearest park, campground, or even yours or a friend’s pool.
3) Find out what weekend bus or boat tours you have access to in your area and go!
4) Let your fingers do the walking!   A little research on the internet can open up a whole new world of possibilities!

Our Staff Shares Their Favorite Vacation Moments:

Dr. Martin:  I’ve just returned from a vacation in Colorado where I did several day-long