Want to Save Some Major Money and Breathe Better Air?

Want to Save Some Major Money  and Breathe Better Air?

Several years ago, while attending a Seminar for Asthma Nurse Educators, Katie Romano learned a very valuable lesson that has saved her family a bundle:  A well maintained Air Conditioning/Heating System and an energy efficient home were the fast track to better breathing for asthmatics and anyone interested in breathing cleaner air.  In fact, she also learned that in many cases if you use the right filters with your unit and put  inexpensive filters on all of the vents, your air quality will improve more than what would occur with many lower model home purifiers.

Another top tip is to make sure that your home is sealed up well. Replace that old weather stripping, and find out where you might be losing valuable filtered air and letting in pollinated air! This is also a great way to save big bucks while keeping your home environment clean (and lightening your carbon foot print!)  If you would like some quick tips to green your home and get more green in your wallet, Dr. David Martin recommends that you check out your local power and electric company’s website.  Lee County Electric Cooperative here in Cape Coral/Fort Myers has a wonderful energy calculator and tons of tips for saving big bucks!

Want to Win a Massage? You can win a Tua-Na massage with  Dr. Martin by sharing your home energy calculator results and what you plan to do to save even more! Share your story today via email at:  David@Lotusblossomlcinic.com .

Best of luck to you on your energy-saving endeavors!




By: Dr. David Martin Fort Myers Acupuncturist  and Katie Romano Fort Myers Hypnotist, Holistic Life Coach and LPN