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GREAT NEWS FOR VETERANS (Who do you know?)

Dr. David Martin, Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture Physician at Lotus Blossom Clinic, has recently become a fully-approved Provider under the V.A. Health System. The obligatory governmental hurdles have been crossed!  Dr. David Martin now has All-Systems-Ready to treat U.S. Veterans at No Cost, not even a co-pay.  Simply obtain a Referral from an M.D. in the Veterans Administration, and Dr. David can begin treatment.

Acupuncture is highly effective for pain, PTSD, and other chronic and “odd’ conditions.  Here’s what one happy Veteran has to say:

  “My first series of visits to Dr. Martin were extraordinarily helpful in relieving my chronic sciatica.  I could barely walk ½ a block when I started.  Now I walk all over Disney World!  I’m extremely satisfied with Dr. David’s acupuncture services.” – T. Messner

…YES, Dr. David Martin can help with PAIN, PTSD, and so many chronic issues that sap the life of people who have served our country. Call the clinic for details. 239-277-1399

AND OTHER GOOD NEWS: A Bill has recently been passed in Congress which mandates that the V.A. Study Holistic treatments for pain and illness.  The U.S. House unanimously passed the Whole Veteran Act last month, a bill designed to give veterans more control over their healthcare by letting them choose what treatments work best for them – including more holistic treatments.  You can be assured we will be watching this carefully for additional benefits for our Veterans.


In recent years in the United States, prescription pain medications have been given to the public in record amounts. It has been great business for the pharmaceutical industry.  In 2015, of the more than twenty million Americans who had a substance-use disorder, two million involved prescription pain relievers. There were more than twenty thousand (20,000) overdose deaths related to prescription pain relievers in the year 2015. Plus, the use of heroin has increased because people get addicted to the prescription medicine, but they subsequently find the heroin easier to get…and cheaper.  Sadly, many Veterans have been affected.

In Dr. David’s opinion these statistics are intolerable. Although the statistics show twenty thousand deaths by overdose (in 2015 alone), there is no record of the hundreds of thousands of lives that have been irreparably damaged due to opiates. The cost in lives–and suffering and economic impacts to family and friends—is staggering.


 It turns out that Acupuncture is much more effective and FASTER than morphine!  In July of 2016, a large study was published in the Journal of Emergency Medicine.  Researchers randomly selected 300 emergency departments and split them into two even groups. The first group was subjected to acupuncture in order to treat their acute pain.  The second group was given morphine.

 “The results were even better than researchers imagined. Patients who were treated with acupuncture experienced a whopping 92 percent reduction in their pain, while the morphine group experienced a 78 percent reduction. Not only that, the acupuncture group had a much faster pain recovery time. While the morphine group took an average of 28 minutes to recover from their pain, the acupuncture group recovered from their pain in an average of 16 minutes.”

Journal of Emergency Medicine:  Acupuncture vs. Morphine https://www.thealternativedaily.com/acupuncture-versus-morphine/


Any U.S. Veteran who wants to relieve their pain and improve their quality of life now can do so at Lotus Blossom Clinic. There are no monetary issues or barriers!  Who wants to suffer pain and all the side effects of opioids and other pain killers? Who wants to live with PTSD…or stress/anxiety of any kind?  This is a no-brainer for veterans to venture into the world of Asian Medicine to treat their pain or stress.  Curious to learn more?  Dr. David gives free 30-minute consultations.

In addition, many people are still unaware of the full range of benefits available from receiving Acupuncture treatments.  Most is known and understood about Pain, However whole realms of human health remain unknown!  YES to stress and anxiety, a basis from which many illnesses develop.  Yes, acupuncture is effective to help a woman carry a baby to full term, turn a breach baby and induce labor, avoiding possible dangerous effects of the hospital needle induction process.  Yes, it is effective to help patients heal from surgery.  Yes it helps people with arthritis.  Yes it helps with the side effects of chemotherapy.  Yes, it’s very effective in relieving carpel tunnel (often in one visit). Yes to stroke victims (get in within a few days or weeks). Yes to Bells’ Palsy, Parkinsons’ and many other conditions. In the hands of a skilled practitioner, acupuncture unleashes your own customized and powerful medicine in ways you never dreamed!


 Want more out of Life?  Whether you are a Veteran or not, we can help reveal more secrets to your best health and happiness. Lotus Blossom Clinic provides a rich set of classes and events designed for our SWFL Community.   In fact, we have approximately 25 classes and events each month, and many of them held in our new Movement Medicine Room.  These classes address the Mind, Body, and Spirit., because Lotus Blossom Clinic is a Holistic Wellness Center.  Check our website calendar:  https://www.lotusblossomclinic.com/calendar/


It’s this simple:  Acupuncture services are available from Dr. David as soon as they are approved by a V.A. doctor.  There is no cost to U.S. Veterans.  Start the process now!   Pain relief and more–a whole new worl–can be opened up for you or someone you care about soon!


In Service to You,

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Doctor of Oriental Medicine (DOM), Acupuncture Physician (AP)

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