Providers in a Row


That’s a big question…and it may be us!  As of today, June 30th, nearing our 10th year in Florida, now with 12 Practitioners (6 shown here) and about 20 modalities to offer, Lotus Blossom Clinic is a power-packed Natural Healing Clinic.  Let’s start at the beginning and then learn about the petals that have grown on this flower.




Dr. David Martin (pictured in the center of the team) is still “The Rock” at the clinic.  He is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, aka “Acupuncture Physician” in the State of Florida, also licensed in Colorado for his occasional visits there.   Florida is ahead of many states in our nation in this regard.  Physicians have certain privileges which “licensed acupuncturists” in other states do not enjoy, such as the ability to order diagnostic tests.   Dr. David has nearly 20 years’ experience, and we hear testimonials daily about the power of Acupuncture, which he often combines with Tui Na (Chinese Medical Massage).


A major principle and tool in Chinese Medicine has always been food.  Rarely does a new patient come in without getting recommendations for foods to help them heal.  And the clinic also carries Chinese Herbs—as well as Metagenics’ and other high-quality supplements– and medicinal foods such as goji berries, DNA-tested Maca Root, and mushroom drops.



We tend to find that most people know only a small fraction of conditions for which Chinese Medicine is effective.  Yes, Pain is still a huge motivator for people to come in for acupuncture.  These are a few more conditions to store in your memory bank for use when you or someone you care about experiences them:


  • Allergies
  • Addictions
  • Anxiety & Grief
  • Autism, ADD, ADHD
  • Bells’ Palsy
  • Diabetes
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome & Leaky Gut
  • Fertility & Labor Induction
  • GERD
  • TMJ (“lock jaw”)
  • Headaches of all types
  • Parkinsons’
  • Trigger Finger
  • Restless Leg Syndrome
  • Weight Loss
  • Sexual Dysfunctions
  • And more…


Do you get the idea?   Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine is General Practice Medicine.  If it’s odd, chronic, upsetting or painful, there’s a high likelihood Dr. David can help.



In addition to Chinese Medicine, much expansion– in both scope and people– has happened in the last few years.  Some of these are new in the last 6 weeks!


  1. MEDICINAL FOOD EDUCATION AND SERVICES: We have been in the thick of Food as Medicine for over 2 years, offering both classes and consultations with Certified Trainers. We are passionate about helping people AND Educating our Community regarding the medicinal uses of foods, targeting specific health goals using primarily plant-based diets. Lotus Blossom Clinic’s three instructors and two consultants are Certified in the Conquering Any Disease Food System, compiled primarily from ancient, Asian food healing protocols which are now verified by modern science.   If it’s a chronic or critical condition, using Western Medicine or not, “Food as Medicine” is a proven approach to help reverse diseases and other health conditions.


Janyce LeBaron is out of her wheel chair, back to working and living again because she walked into Lotus Blossom Clinic and began working with Dr. David for acupuncture and in depth with Vickie Gelardi for medicinal food protocols.  Check it out!

Any session with Dr. David is likely to include some food recommendations to target a primary health issue.   Vickie Gelardi and Deb Martin help take food into real action in life!  They know it isn’t always easy to switch our food habits, and sometimes our busy lifestyles or health condition make it seem almost impossible.    Vickie and Deb are ready to meet with you privately lay out a plan and begin working it.  It’s all about using the power of the phytochemicals in foods to reverse diseases and chronic conditions…and it can be one step at a time or both feet all at once.

See our Events Calendar for class info at www.LotusBlossomClinic.com .   Classes start at $15.  Private Consultations $45.

  1. UNIQUE MASSAGE THERAPY OFFERINGS. Beyond the “feel-good massage”, our massage therapists offer highly-effective sessions which include Aaron Mattes Stretches with David Maile (not just for athletes—we all want to age with strength and agility!) a special trade-marked “Drive Thru Stress Relief” session with Larry Witzleben who also provides Orthopedic Massage and Polarity Therapy.   Lauren Jump performs Massages which utilize the power of Trigger Point therapy.  And Dr. David Martin uses Tui Na as needed (Chinese Medicine medical massage).


  1. NATURAL SKIN CARE. Debbie Nunez offers a variety of facials from Acne to Anti-aging, promoting optimal skin health and appearance.  Schedule your appointment today and live life Radiantly!   (239) 994-4645


  1. CRYSTAL HEALING THERAPY. In partnership with Spirit Works Healing Arts Studio, we are honored to announce:  The JOHN OF GOD CRYSTAL HEALING BED in Fort Myers is now hosted at Lotus Blossom Clinic.  It is available to all who wish to experience and utilize it during the week Mon-Fri and some Saturdays.  (Note:  The Bed will continue to be available at the monthly Holistic Healing Fair at The Church of Spiritual Light in Fort Myers, 1st Saturdays).


Call the clinic to reserve your 25 or 45-min session.  STOP BY OUR GRAND WELCOMING EVENT on July 8th, 1:30 – 7:00 p.m. for history and a deeper understanding of this healing modality.  There will be drawings for free and discounted sessions plus special prices that night only.

DESCRIPTION:  Crystals have some of the highest molecular orderliness found in nature.  The crystals for the Crystal Bed were mined in a small town in Brazil where gold and precious stones, quartz crystals, and amethyst lie beneath the surface of most of that area resulting in a profound energy emanating from the land. Joao Teixeira de Faira (John of God) says the crystals were “born in beds of water, deep beneath the earth.” They were extracted, personally selected and guaranteed by John of God. Each of the seven crystals came from a single stone and was carefully polished to exacting standards.

Utilizing the technology of Vogel crystals, as researched and cut/designed by IBM scientist Marcel Vogel, the John of God crystal healing bed is designed to perform Chakra balancing and Energy Healing/Expansion… potentially on the physical as well as the spiritual and emotional realms.  One explanation for the opportunity for healing through the crystal bed therapy is that the well-organized vibration resonating from the crystals helps to re-organize the water in the tissues and cells of the body, allowing the body’s own innate powers of healing to begin. Call (239)277-1399 to schedule.

  1. CRYSTAL BOWLS MEDITATION with Jenny Hong. Relaxing, Therapeutic.  Every 2nd and 4th Thursday evening at 6:45 p.m.  $10


  1. HYPNOSIS, RADICAL FORGIVENESS AND OTHER BREAKTHROUGH TECHNIQUES. Call Christina Bronson for a complementary 1-hour clarity breakthrough consultation over the phone or in person at the clinic.   (239) 691-0348.


  1. PRANAYAMA Yogic Breathing Sessions with Sabina Shah. Yogic Breathing allows you to stimulate your prana/chi and hyper-oxygenate your cells, improve your vital capacity and release toxins from your body at a cellular level.   Learn dynamic and cooling and balancing breath exercises based on a 5000-year old ancient practice of yogic science to promote well-being, disease and symptom management.    Initial Session $60.


  1. RIEKI with Deb Martin or Jenny Hong. Reiki channels life force energy into the subtle body of the client.  Typical effects include relaxation, better sleep, pain reduction, and even intestinal health improvement.   Private, introductory sessions start as low as $35.  Full 50 min. sessions $55.


  1. STRETCH CLASSES FOR BUSY PROFESSIONALS (AND OTHERS!) begin on July 19th and will be a regular class on the 3rd Tuesday evening of each month, beginning at 6:45. Cost is $15. Contact the clinic at 277-1399 or Larry directly (for more info


Be Well,


Dr. David and Deb Martin

And all the Providers at Lotus Blossom Clinic




Serving the Greater Fort Myers area with Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Food Healing Science, Massage, Reiki, Energy Work, Natural Esthetics/facials, Emotional and Breakthrough Coaching.