Your Life Has Meaning

You are an endangered species. More than just one in a million, you are one part of a gigantic ecosystem, unique in your own design. You are complete and perfect with your own set of gifts, sphere or influence, and life purpose. Without your significant organism in this world of ours, the very fabric of humanity will shift.

Yes. We are talking to you, and here’s why this message is coming to you from your healthcare team: As your partner in health it is our job to remind you that you are a whole being. You are a body, mind, and your emotions; all of which must remain in balance for you to live in wellness.

1) When we remember that each interaction and choice we make as individuals affects the entire planet, we realize that we are a part of something better. That our choices have meaning.

2) Knowing that we are an endangered species with our own unique gifts, on Earth for a limited time only, forces us to take that painting class, call our mother, spend that extra ten minutes reading a book with our kids, and wave to our lonely neighbor as we walk the dog, eat that extra serving of broccoli, examine our carbon footprint.

3) Believing that we are more than just a sleepwalker, moving through life “doing” and “getting” requires us to stop, breath, meditate and prioritize based on our own value system, versus that of society.

This week’s challenge: Spend an hour, a day, or more remembering that you are crucial to this world and share your experience with us via email at: With your permission, we’ll publish your experience with the list and you’ll win a free live blood session.

Small changes can make a big difference. So keep making those changes and call today for your FREE 30-minute health risk assessment.



By Dr. David Martin, Fort Myers Acupuncturist